Adding a New Finder to an Existing Access Bean

add new finder to existing access bean

In the WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsData project using the Java EE perspective, double click the deployment descriptor. Click on the Details button next to the Enterprise Java Bean section or go directly to the bean tab. Select your bean from the list of beans on the left. Then, on the right, scroll down to finders and select Add. For the name, use the findByX naming convention. Name it according to the parameters that are being used. For the parameters, add as many as needed, entering the name of the variables along with the variable type. For return type, it should be the bean […]

Basic Authentication Header When Using Webservices Over HTTP

webservice over http basic authentication wcs

When working with a web service that was failing, tcpmon showed an error page being returned. The page was an HTML 401 Unauthorized error. Despite the web service having a username and password set, and set correctly, the error continued to happened. The reason for the error was because the HTTP Basic Authentication header is a part of the HTTP spec, and not the web service itself. The HTTP header needed to include the basic authentication token in order to make it past the web server to, in my case, SAP which create the service. While in the WCS Admin […]